Paleo Pumpkin Salad

Roast Pumpkin Salad

A salad that takes a bit of preparation but great for large quantities and special occasions.
​This photo is from Flickr* but it's close!
Take the time to make the warm dressing - it's worth it!.

Paleo Baked vegetables

Baked Layered Vegetables

Try this this simple and tasty  baked dish to  keep your gut healthy and bloat free.

If you can manage a wider variety of vegetables, go ahead and ad lib!

paleo fake chocolate


Fake Chocolate!
Great for the occasional sweet treat. Make sure you include the salt, which makes this recipe stand out from the crowd.

Venetian Carrot Cake

This recipe has been an absolute hit with our clients and guests. Moist, sweet and dense. 
Serve as you like: as-is, with double cream, yoghurt or refrigerated coconut cream. YUM!

* Photo attribution: Roast pumpkin, fetta and caramelised onion salad | Flickr - Photo Sharing! : taken from - Glen MacLarty 


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