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The Simplest Paleo Diet Guide

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Are You Confused About Paleo and

have you noticed a lot of conflicting information about Paleo?

Reading this one book will help you avoid getting confused by vague and fad based articles.

Just Keep Paleo Simple!

Have you tried to read through the vast amounts of information on Paleo?

Don't get lost in reading book after book and trying to work out the differences between the gurus.

The fundamentals are what you need.

You won’t have to surf the Internet or read through tomes to try and figure out if Paleo is for you. There are many Paleo gurus out there, each with a variation on a theme and we’ve picked out the need-to-know basics just for you.

Paleo Rescue will give you simple and concise information on the Paleo diet.
Your success is built on simplicity and achievement not complicated food plans that have you slaving in the kitchen!

If YOU Are ....

Unhappy with your weight?

Confused about food?

Sick of fad diets?           

Suffering painful stomach cramps?

Enduring uncomfortable bloating?

Anxious over excessive wind?

...Paleo  will help you find your natural body weight, settle your digestive tract and give you access to  boundless energy 

In the book you will find........

Chapters include :-

The Simplest Facts AboutFood Groups

  • Protein
  • Grains + Legumes
  • Dairy Products
  • Fat
  • Sugar
  • Fruit

Chapters include:-

Simple Practical Tips

  • Calories + Weight Loss
  • Starting Out
  • Ideas for Breakfast!

Chapters include :-

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Eat Paleo?
  • Tips for Eating Out
  • Will you get enough Calcium?
  • Are your digestive symptoms related to autoimmunity?
  • Exercise - is it a part of Paleo?

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Start now, and keep it simple by combining Paleo Rescue with your FREE TIPS.