Is Sugar Killing You?

grains of sugar on teaspoonsIncreasing obesity levels and the correlation to the increasing consumption of sugar is for countries all around the world.
It’s such a global topic that the World Health Organisation, (WHO) opened a public consultation in March, 2014 to develop guidelines on the consumption of sugars.  Read more here: WHO.

Consumption of sugar is obvious when you see it added to hot drinks such as tea and coffee.  (Do you find it interesting that we have to flavour these otherwise bitter beverages with sweetener to help make them palatable?)
The addition of sugar is less obvious in a bottle of ‘100% (insert fruit/vegetable name of  your choice) juice’. Labels can be misleading, so read nutrition panels to check if sugar is listed as an additional ingredient.

Sugar has been named as a contributor of other debilitating and life threatening diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and connections are being made between sugar and cancer of various body organs.
Read more from Sarah Wilson, (I Quit I Quit Sugar.

Hunter/gatherers would have had occasional access to berries and small fruits, not the genetically modified, sweeter range and varieties we have access to today.
If you have a taste for something sweet, reach for a piece of real fruit, maybe one from the less sweet options, like berries, grapefruit, kiwi fruit or kumquat.

Simply enjoy!

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Not in the mood for tiredness today? (Don’t worry).

Before you hit the wall, (see post May 12, 2014) look out for signs which, if ignored, could take you there before you realise what is going on.

Do you get the mid afternoon slump?  Find yourself nodding off in meetings? Do you push yourself to get the bare essentials done for your kids and for you and then collapse on the couch?

Try these Paleo tips for increasing and maintaining energy and get enjoyment from living more of your life.

Drink water.  (It’s all our Paleolithic ancestors had available). Your body is made up of 50-75 percent water and has a significant role to play within our bodies.  This includes;
maintaining the liquidity of the bloodstream, so blood can be transported around the body,
help remove waste products from the body, and
assist with the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Low energy can indicate low iron levels.  One of the many and important roles of iron is to help with healthy functioning of your immune system. You can increase iron levels by including meat, poultry, eggs, fish, leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale, nuts and seeds in your diet.

Constant tiredness  can also be a sign of deficiency in the B group of vitamins, and importantly, B12 which is essential for making and replacing cells in your body. Sources of concentrated B vitamins are meat, poultry, eggs and fish.

Eat regularly.  Leaving too much time between meals can end up being like a roller coaster ride of energy levels for your body. Small, nutrient dense meals at regular intervals provide you with a steady supply of energy.

Do consult with your health specialist team to ensure your tiredness isn’t the result of a more significant health problem.

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Bust The Bloat!

sufferingbloatingDo you experience that stuffed-turkey feeling?  You know, it’s like your clothes, which fitted perfectly in the morning, have shrunk a size as the day has progressed!
You feel uncomfortable!  Sometimes the fullness feeling can be isolated to your abdomen and on an extreme day it can start from as high as below your breasts, to, and as far down as, your lower abdomen.

Bloating doesn’t discriminate between women, men, size, weight or age. Whilst not life threatening, it is definitely an uncomfortable feeling.  Discomfort can quickly turn into anxiety as sufferers know that the next reaction can be a noisy gut and excess wind!

Bloating can strike while you are eating a meal, very shortly after a meal or even a day or so after eating something which your gut is having difficulty digesting.

If no other cause has been identified, your GP will tell you that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Eating Paleo style has helped me enormously in reducing the intensity of discomfort and frequency of bloating. You will find removing wheat, dairy and other processed foods is highly recommended for relief of IBS symptoms.  A few tweaks to your diet can take you from miserable and anti-social to confident and the life of the party!

You can read more about IBS here: BodyandSoul

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Play With Paleo

picture of Paleo Rescue e-BookThe Paleo diet is based on the food our ancient ancestors ate. Basically it included anything which they could hunt and gather and this is why you sometimes see the Paleo diet referred to as the hunter/gatherer diet.

The diet is easily translated into today’s terms by having fresh, non-processed, meat, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables.

You’ll find lots of evidence which supports Paleo providing the complete range of nutrition and as much evidence which opposes reliance on the Paleo diet.

If you suffer from uncomfortable symptoms of bloating, painful cramps and excess weight.
If you want your confidence back, wear a smile instead of a pained expression, buy and look glamorous in figure fitting fashion, the Paleo diet may help you.

You have to eat food anyway.  Why not choose fresh, nutritious, in-season fare? You might even have fun as you experiment!

Read our e-book, Paleo Rescue to gain an understanding of the Paleo diet and how it may help you.
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Is exhaustion stealing your life?

Woman yawningHave you noticed that you’re not keeping up with the kids?
Do you fall asleep on the couch after dinner?
When you do get yourself to bed, any sleep you get just never seems to be enough to make you feel rested or energised?
And you dream of the day when you can just lie in bed and satisfy that exhausted feeling!

But you can’t lie around in bed! You have kids to feed, a boss to please and parents to care for, as well as other priorities in your busy life.

Why are you exhausted?  Your excuses sound like: ‘…not eating well, long hours at work, it’s the weather, it’s old age, it’s just how I am, don’t get decent sleep…’

You may find the answer in this article from Dr Terry Wahls.  Dr Wahls includes removing sugar, reducing starch (carbohydrates) and increasing your intake of organ meats as means of improving your energy levels.
Hmm, three steps which fit neatly into the Paleo diet!!

Simply enjoy!

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