How To Eat Mindfully Over The Festive Season

Did you come across this hot topic in the past year: ‘being in the present moment’, or ‘mindfulness’?festive occasion There are many tasks, processes and actions which you perform without being mindful. Generally these are hardwired actions, for example driving a car. Think about this: When you first learned how to drive a car you focused your thoughts, actions and feelings until you became skilled at the entire process. Now you find that you drive to or from work and don’t even remember the journey. You don’t remember using your brakes or indicator lights, you don’t remember stopping at traffic lights but you get home safely! Through repetition your skill has become second nature, or hardwired, and you have been able to gradually reduce that focused and intense level of concentration that you needed during your driving lessons and first few years of driving. Now, when in your car, you know you are driving, but there’s space in your mind for hundreds of thoughts to come and go. You might even be making a phone call (hands free of course), or reading your GPS! If you’re like many others, your actions and thoughts around food and eating have become second nature, or hardwired:

  • reaching for food, simply because it is offered to you,
  • eating everything on your plate, even if you’re not hungry,
  • eating when stressed, particularly chocolate and other sweet foods, and
  • eating when bored, eating when faced with a problem, going through some other emotion.

And there’s no greater test for this than when festivities are in full swing and you’re eating Paleo. Here you are, in the middle of Christmas and New Year partying and you’re under pressure to attend every family and other social function, eat and drink until you’re ‘in a food coma’ (my nephew’s phrase), and look like you are enjoying yourself! From the website ‘What is Mindfulness': “Mindfulness is about training yourself to pay attention in a specific way. When a person is mindful, they:

  • focus on the present moment
  • try not to think about anything that went on in the past or that might be coming up in future
  • purposefully concentrate on what’s happening around them
  • try not to be judgemental about anything they notice, or label things as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

When it comes to celebrating your festive occasions this season and food is at hand, ask yourself: ‘Am I hungry?’ If yes, and depending on your circumstances, choose the best of offerings which meet your Paleo desires. Appreciate the range of colours and shapes of the food on your plate.
Breathe in the tantalising aromas.
Eat slowly, tasting each flavour as your taste buds light up.
Feel the different textures as food passes between your tongue and teeth.
In this mindful state, you will find your food tasty and satisfying.
When you notice your mind drift off, bring your thoughts back to the delicious food in front of you.

Be thankful for family and friends, the festivities and the food! Wishing you a happy and relaxing time for Christmas and for your New Year celebrations.

Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

Festive Paleo Recipe Ideas for YOU.

How do YOU do  Paleo during the Festive Season?Christmas Ornaments

Do you throw everything you’ve learned out the window?

Do you embrace this new food paradigm and take up the challenge?

A Paleo Festive Season can be very simple whichever hemisphere you inhabit on this beautiful planet. For those in the midst of winter, roast meat and vegetables is pure Paleo! For those of us at the break of summer, bring on the BBQ’d meat and salads.

If you are after some inspiration, check out our new recipe page. There are 4 recipes to give you some ideas.

To make them a little more festive as a special occasion you may want to consider the following adaptions:-

Pumpkin Salad:- add some roasted capsicum and or walnuts.
Baked Layered Vegetables:- add some turkey to round this out for a complete protein and vegetable dish.
Venetian Carrot Cake:- reduce the dates by half, soak 1/2 cup sultanas in brandy and add these to the mix.
Focholate:- just enjoy.

Don’t forget to enjoy a spirit or glass of wine  and to avoid the liqueurs!

If you have any ideas that you’d like to add or that you used, we’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a safe and joyous Festive Season

Roma and Linda

Simply Enjoy

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Will I Lose Weight With The What Diet?

“The Paleo Diet is based upon everyday, modern foods thatmimic the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors.” Dr Loren Cordain.

In recent years, the Paleo diet has quietly slipped into social conversation, has featured in newspaper and health magazine articles and has been bagged, andpraised, by many.

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The bottom line on bowel movements.

One of the secrets to feeling lively and energetic is having regular bowel movements.  The process rids your body of toxins, dead bacteria and indigestible food components. You feel good mentally and physically. You People  group hands upcan encourage regular bowel movements by including fibre in all your meals.

There are several different types of fibre, and soluble and insoluble fibre are covered in this blog. Both types serve different purposes and both have beneficial effects on your body.
Soluble fibre provides a source of food for friendly gut bacteria, contributing to their long and useful life.  When mixed with fluid, soluble fibre becomes gel-like in consistency and it slows the digestion process in your stomach. Soluble fibre gives you that feeling of fullness after a meal.
Insoluble fibre passes through your intestines to be eliminated. It can help prevent constipation and it assists the timely removal of waste products.

Fibre needs fluids to help travel through your intestines so make sure you drink adequate amounts of water. Sources of both types of fibre include vegetables, fruit, nut and seeds.
When preparing vegetables and fruit for eating, wash the skin well to avoid unnecessary peeling, particularly with carrots, zucchini, apples and pears.

Grains and Legumes also are a source of fibre, however these are not considered part of the Paleo diet.

In our recently revised e-book, Paleo Rescue, you will read why the negative properties of grains and legumes outweigh the positives and may be best avoided for your optimum digestive health.

You can use the Bristol Stool Chart to check what your stools are telling you.  Click here.

Simply enjoy!

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It’s here! Paleo Rescue Revised!

Rewriting to me means, if I work on it for three days, I’ve rewritten it.” Jules Shear.       Paleo e-book

Well, it took Linda and I more than three days, more like three months, to rewrite Paleo Rescue and it’s now available for you!
If you’re uncomfortable with your weight and can’t wear your favourite gear, if you’re too embarrassed to socialise in case an unexpected episode of bloating and wind catches you unawares, if you’re too tired to attend family functions…Read Paleo Rescue to help you understand how you can achieve your ideal weight, minimise your IBS symptoms and improve your energy levels so you can grab life with both hands and live it with confidence and vitality!

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We’ve rewritten the e-book to elaborate on ‘why sugar is the enemy’, in fitting with recent leading press articles in the USA, Britain and Australia.
Further updates have also been made in each of the chapters to accommodate frequently asked questions from Paleo Rescue followers.
You’ll find that the e-book takes the confusion out of trying to understand which ‘guru’ to follow and is a guide to getting you started today!

The Paleo diet may just be the solution you need to lose weight, stop bloating and get your energy back, without being hungry, without attending grueling boot-camps and without spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective remedies.
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Simply enjoy!

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