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Paleo to the Rescue!

How did Paleo help us stop the bloat, lose weight and gain energy? Read on…

Roma www 1ROMA After some 10 years of gut problems, many doctors, specialists, nutritional advisors consulted and thousands of dollars spent, I still had bloating, extreme wind, stomach cramps, and irregular bowel movements. The greatest relief from symptoms came when I stopped eating wheat and dairy. But I still had significant symptoms and after more reading, Internet research and conversations with other sufferers, I finally found Paleo!

I am now symptom free.  During the process I trimmed off a couple of surplus kilos, a welcome bonus, I have more energy and I’ve reduced my nutritional medication.


Linda www1LINDA I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.  A few years ago I once again started to search for the answers to weight loss, health and peace of mind! I did not want to count anything, struggle with hunger or addictions, nor deal with guilt or other emotional roller coasters attached to food. After reading Gary Taubes’ Good Calories Bad Calories, I was motivated to follow his basic philosophies and came to understand that it was embraced under the dietary umbrella of ‘Paleo’…and here I am – over 10kgs lighter, no struggle with ‘what’ to eat, never ‘hungry’, never counting anything and never feeling ‘guilty’.