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 Download these tip sheets to kick start your Paleo success.
You will discover:-

  •  How to start Paleo now
  • Support for your first steps to Paleo success
  • Ideas for Paleo snacks
  • How to "Keep it Simple" in the kitchen

In these four tip sheets you will find the tips and guidance you will need to be successful. These are the same strategies that we used to get started and use every day to

"Keep It Simple".

What you will find in Tip Sheet 1

The Simplest Way to

  • Four simple ways to start  Paleo now.
  • Choose one!
  • Try it for 3 weeks.
  • Notice the difference in your body, your mind and your energy
  • Do your best & don't sweat the small stuff

Get effective with Tip Sheet 3

The Simplest

  • Five items you shouldn't be without.
  • One costs less than $20!
  • No need to be a  'foodie' or cook like a celebrity chef . (We're none of the above!)
  • Achieve your results faster and easier
  • Hyperlinks to help you find similar items

Feel supported with Tip Sheet 2

The Simplest
1st Steps to Paleo Success

  • How to give yourself the simplest support.
  • The  best cooking tip EVER!
  • Making small changes, at which you will succeed is the key
  • Replacing is easier than relinquishing.
  • Shortcuts.

...and find solutions with Tip Sheet 4

The Simplest

  • Five simple snacks to start you off.
  • Convenient and transportable
  • A colourful idea to get the kids on board.
  • Questions to ask yourself why you might be hungry between meals.
  • If hungry - EAT!



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