Tried Keeping A Food Diary?

If you want to experiment with the Paleo style of eating, one of the best tips is that you keep a diary of what you eat and drink.

If you are trialling Paleo to become leaner, a written record of the food and beverages you have consumed will give you an almost instant picture of  what you have done over days or weeks and will help you decide where you may want to make changes.  When you record amounts of food and beverage, an approximation is sufficient.  You don’t need to weigh any of it!

If stomach cramps and bloating are your reason for experimenting with Paleo, include a note about your symptoms.  This will help you relate your painful and embarrassing reactions to a trigger.

Your diary doesn’t have to be a novel, and you can develop your own version of shorthand to keep the recording simple.  When noting your symptoms, give a rating out of ten to indicate intensity.

If you have a smart phone, you may want to investigate the electronic versions of diaries, available as APPS. Even the standard calendar on a smart phone could prove to be the one simple tool you need.

Simply enjoy!

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