The bottom line on bowel movements.

One of the secrets to feeling lively and energetic is having regular bowel movements.  The process rids your body of toxins, dead bacteria and indigestible food components. You feel good mentally and physically. You People  group hands upcan encourage regular bowel movements by including fibre in all your meals.

There are several different types of fibre, and soluble and insoluble fibre are covered in this blog. Both types serve different purposes and both have beneficial effects on your body.
Soluble fibre provides a source of food for friendly gut bacteria, contributing to their long and useful life.  When mixed with fluid, soluble fibre becomes gel-like in consistency and it slows the digestion process in your stomach. Soluble fibre gives you that feeling of fullness after a meal.
Insoluble fibre passes through your intestines to be eliminated. It can help prevent constipation and it assists the timely removal of waste products.

Fibre needs fluids to help travel through your intestines so make sure you drink adequate amounts of water. Sources of both types of fibre include vegetables, fruit, nut and seeds.
When preparing vegetables and fruit for eating, wash the skin well to avoid unnecessary peeling, particularly with carrots, zucchini, apples and pears.

Grains and Legumes also are a source of fibre, however these are not considered part of the Paleo diet.

In our recently revised e-book, Paleo Rescue, you will read why the negative properties of grains and legumes outweigh the positives and may be best avoided for your optimum digestive health.

You can use the Bristol Stool Chart to check what your stools are telling you.  Click here.

Simply enjoy!

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