Speed up your Paleo results-use your old habits!

You have breakfast, whether it is first thing after waking or some time later in your day. Having that first meal of the day is part of your routine, it’s habit!  Make use of your existing habit to lose weight on the Paleo diet.  Are you aiming for IBS relief? This works for you too! Simply change your breakfast food.
Of your three meals a day, this will get you an instant improvement of ~30%!

Here is an example of 7 days of breakfast:

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Roast Chicken & vegetables. (Make extra serves on Sunday evening). Tuna salad. Use canned, plain tuna for time convenience.  Add your favourite fresh herbs to enhance the flavour. Dress with a good quality extra virgin oil. Gluten free sausages & salad (Make extra serves on Tuesday evening). Beef & vegetables.(Cook this on Wednesday.  Use it for dinner, allowing  enough for breakfast. Cook up heaps of vegies to compliment your beef). Poached chicken and vegetables. Dress with a good quality extra virgin oil to include a portion of fats. Omelette* with bacon and salad.
* Try the spinach omelette recipe in the previous post!
 Poached eggs, gluten free sausages and vegetables.

Take a leap into your Paleo lifestyle…start with breakfast!

Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

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