Selecting and Purchasing Meat

variety of meats in raw statePasture raised animals provide a valuable source of nutrition which includes vitamins, minerals and essential fats. You should look for meat with a little fat on it and this should be firm and cream coloured. The flesh should be bright red if it is beef and pork should be pale pink. The colour of lamb varies. Red flesh indicates an older animal, while more pale (pinkish) flesh indicates lamb.

Buying meat in bulk can save you money. Check with your local butcher or your nearest farmers market to see what arrangements can be made.

Place your fresh meats in a cooler or insulated bag to bring it home. Once you are home, immediately transfer the meat into your fridge until you decide if you are going to cook it in the next 3-4 days, or freeze it for use later in the week.

You should store raw minced meats and offal in the fridge for only 1-2 days. These have a shorter shelf life.

Meat is best stored covered or in a sealed container in the fridge.  Allow good air circulation around it. Raw meat must be kept separate to cooked meat to avoid cross contamination of bacteria.

Simply enjoy!

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