Secrets to Buying Poultry

Festive turkey-poultry

Poultry-festive turkey

Poultry is a favourite dish for many people and it’s a great source of protein, provides minerals, vitamins and antimicrobial fatty acids.

Producers take a few shortcuts when it comes to getting poultry to our dinner table.  It is not unusual to find chickens being raised in cramped conditions and fed doses of antibiotics and hormones to speed up the maturing process.

So, the first secret you should know is to include a range of poultry in your diet; chicken, turkey, duck and pheasant.  This will help you avoid building allergies and intolerance, which may happen if you were only to include one type of poultry in your diet.

Your number two best secret is to purchase organic, free-range poultry.  This can be expensive.  Check your local farmers market for a supplier and compare prices between them, your butcher and your supermarket. If organic is not within your budget, don’t worry, buy the best quality you can afford.

Now that the secrets are out, feel welcome to share them!

Simply enjoy!

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