It’s here! Paleo Rescue Revised!

Rewriting to me means, if I work on it for three days, I’ve rewritten it.” Jules Shear.       Paleo e-book

Well, it took Linda and I more than three days, more like three months, to rewrite Paleo Rescue and it’s now available for you!
If you’re uncomfortable with your weight and can’t wear your favourite gear, if you’re too embarrassed to socialise in case an unexpected episode of bloating and wind catches you unawares, if you’re too tired to attend family functions…Read Paleo Rescue to help you understand how you can achieve your ideal weight, minimise your IBS symptoms and improve your energy levels so you can grab life with both hands and live it with confidence and vitality!

If you’re new to the Paleo Rescue website, or haven’t previously purchased Paleo Rescue—keeping it simple— and would like to purchase a copy of the e-book, click HERE.   Only $4.95

We’ve rewritten the e-book to elaborate on ‘why sugar is the enemy’, in fitting with recent leading press articles in the USA, Britain and Australia.
Further updates have also been made in each of the chapters to accommodate frequently asked questions from Paleo Rescue followers.
You’ll find that the e-book takes the confusion out of trying to understand which ‘guru’ to follow and is a guide to getting you started today!

The Paleo diet may just be the solution you need to lose weight, stop bloating and get your energy back, without being hungry, without attending grueling boot-camps and without spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective remedies.
If you have already purchased the e-book, you will receive the updated version FREE of charge. Look out for an email from Paleo Rescue with a link to your updated book.
If you haven’t previously purchased Paleo Rescue and would like to purchase a copy of the e-book, click HERE.     Only $4.95

Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

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