Quick Tips For Your Health Success

Nutritional supplementsYou spend a fortune on nutritional supplements to help you manage bloating and stomach inflammation and oops, you find you don’t always take them?  With the demands of your busy day it’s understandable if you don’t remember to take your supplements as they are prescribed.
If you are not taking your recommended dose, talk to your practitioner about how to best take the supplements to fit in with your lifestyle. (E.g. you may find it easier to take the lunchtime dose as soon as you return home after work).

Feeling guilty because you’re not fitting exercise in your day?  You don’t need a gruelling 2 hour daily workout! Include what you can, such as:
a 10 minute walk after eating your lunch, or
getting off the bus/train/tram one stop before your closest, and walk the rest of the way home.

Do you have a team of understanding, medical professionals close to your area, i.e. either close to your home, or close to your place of work?
Firstly they need to understand your health issues, and if they are within easy driving or public transport distance, you will be more likely to attend follow up appointments and continue with on-going treatment.

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