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picture of Paleo Rescue e-BookThe Paleo diet is based on the food our ancient ancestors ate. Basically it included anything which they could hunt and gather and this is why you sometimes see the Paleo diet referred to as the hunter/gatherer diet.

The diet is easily translated into today’s terms by having fresh, non-processed, meat, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables.

You’ll find lots of evidence which supports Paleo providing the complete range of nutrition and as much evidence which opposes reliance on the Paleo diet.

If you suffer from uncomfortable symptoms of bloating, painful cramps and excess weight.
If you want your confidence back, wear a smile instead of a pained expression, buy and look glamorous in figure fitting fashion, the Paleo diet may help you.

You have to eat food anyway.  Why not choose fresh, nutritious, in-season fare? You might even have fun as you experiment!

Read our e-book, Paleo Rescue to gain an understanding of the Paleo diet and how it may help you.
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Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

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