Paleo = Nothing Processed!

bwlvegeAt the very foundation of eating in the Paleo style you will recognise that most of the foods on your plate still look pretty much the same as when they are in their natural or growing state.

You will be buying fruit, vegetables and meats (poultry/fish/beef, etc.), at farmers markets or from the supermarket.  If you use a supermarket you will find all your items in the perimeter areas of the store, no need to walk up and down the centre aisles where packaged and bottled mysteries with unpronounceable names in their ingredients lists are stocked.

If you are taking a gentle approach to eating Paleo, then you will find some packaged foods are a good fit under the Paleo umbrella and these include canned fish and canned or frozen vegetables.  Select the plain, no added ‘anything’ options.

Simply enjoy!

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