Is exhaustion stealing your life?

Woman yawningHave you noticed that you’re not keeping up with the kids?
Do you fall asleep on the couch after dinner?
When you do get yourself to bed, any sleep you get just never seems to be enough to make you feel rested or energised?
And you dream of the day when you can just lie in bed and satisfy that exhausted feeling!

But you can’t lie around in bed! You have kids to feed, a boss to please and parents to care for, as well as other priorities in your busy life.

Why are you exhausted?  Your excuses sound like: ‘…not eating well, long hours at work, it’s the weather, it’s old age, it’s just how I am, don’t get decent sleep…’

You may find the answer in this article from Dr Terry Wahls.  Dr Wahls includes removing sugar, reducing starch (carbohydrates) and increasing your intake of organ meats as means of improving your energy levels.
Hmm, three steps which fit neatly into the Paleo diet!!

Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

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