Festive Paleo Recipe Ideas for YOU.

How do YOU do  Paleo during the Festive Season?Christmas Ornaments

Do you throw everything you’ve learned out the window?

Do you embrace this new food paradigm and take up the challenge?

A Paleo Festive Season can be very simple whichever hemisphere you inhabit on this beautiful planet. For those in the midst of winter, roast meat and vegetables is pure Paleo! For those of us at the break of summer, bring on the BBQ’d meat and salads.

If you are after some inspiration, check out our new recipe page. There are 4 recipes to give you some ideas.

To make them a little more festive as a special occasion you may want to consider the following adaptions:-

Pumpkin Salad:- add some roasted capsicum and or walnuts.
Baked Layered Vegetables:- add some turkey to round this out for a complete protein and vegetable dish.
Venetian Carrot Cake:- reduce the dates by half, soak 1/2 cup sultanas in brandy and add these to the mix.
Focholate:- just enjoy.

Don’t forget to enjoy a spirit or glass of wine  and to avoid the liqueurs!

If you have any ideas that you’d like to add or that you used, we’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a safe and joyous Festive Season

Roma and Linda

Simply Enjoy

Simply Paleo Rescue





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