Don’t Squeeze The Fruit!

Bowl of FruitYes, fruit is included in the Paleo diet. (Yay!)

Keep in mind that the fruits available in Paleo times were smaller, more fibrous and less sweet than the delicious varieties we can access today.

A serve of fresh fruit can be a tasty, nutritious, easy to pack and carry snack.

Buy locally grown, organic (if possible), fruit so you will be eating it when nature intended; at its peak nutrition and full of flavour.

Eat fruit when it is ripe and if you are unsure about when this is, don’t squeeze it, check with your supplier!

Storing fruit can vary between produce and from country to country, depending on climate.  This isn’t something I can cover here so the best thing you can do is to ask your supplier for their expert knowledge.

Simply enjoy!

Simply Paleo Rescue

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