Bust The Bloat!

sufferingbloatingDo you experience that stuffed-turkey feeling?  You know, it’s like your clothes, which fitted perfectly in the morning, have shrunk a size as the day has progressed!
You feel uncomfortable!  Sometimes the fullness feeling can be isolated to your abdomen and on an extreme day it can start from as high as below your breasts, to, and as far down as, your lower abdomen.

Bloating doesn’t discriminate between women, men, size, weight or age. Whilst not life threatening, it is definitely an uncomfortable feeling.  Discomfort can quickly turn into anxiety as sufferers know that the next reaction can be a noisy gut and excess wind!

Bloating can strike while you are eating a meal, very shortly after a meal or even a day or so after eating something which your gut is having difficulty digesting.

If no other cause has been identified, your GP will tell you that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Eating Paleo style has helped me enormously in reducing the intensity of discomfort and frequency of bloating. You will find removing wheat, dairy and other processed foods is highly recommended for relief of IBS symptoms.  A few tweaks to your diet can take you from miserable and anti-social to confident and the life of the party!

You can read more about IBS here: BodyandSoul

Simply enjoy!

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