Break an old habit

lunch-bag-bottle-and-appleYou are likely in the habit of eating three main meals a day. Most general nutrition and most diet sites will tell you to do so. In fact many popular diets will suggest you have three main meals plus snacks in between, on a daily basis.

You need to work out whether this suits you or not.

A Paleo meal is nutritionally dense as long as you consume protein, fat and vegetables. This combination works to give you prolonged energy and satiety. If you are aware of being hungry in between meals check that your last meal contained enough protein and some healthy fats.
When you eat ‘enough’ combined with learning to listen to your hunger, you will be able to work out how many meals a day suit you! There can be variations from day to day, but in general you’ll likely form a pattern – which is handy for meal planning!

Do you prefer 3 main Paleo meals per day?
Do you prefer 5 smaller Paleo meals per day?
What about 2 larger Paleo meals per day?

Be aware of snacking. Sometimes you will need a snack to take you to the next meal for whatever reason, but if you are snacking and “overdosing” on foods that don’t satisfy your hunger there may be other issues at hand. Fruit and nuts can be easily consumed in large amounts and don’t necessarily fill the void.

There are no rules around when you should eat.  Have some fun in experimenting with what suits you!

Simply enjoy!

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